Support the New Ocean Discovery Centre Initiative!!

Support the New Ocean Discovery Centre Initiative!!

A group of local Nanaimo Philanthropists are working hard to fund and construct a world class Deep Ocean Discovery Centre right here in Nanaimo. This is the greatest tribute to Ocean Sciences and Diving Technology there has ever been! It will include an interactive display of Phil Nuytten's fantastics achievements.

The Ocean Discovery Centre is a unique Ocean experience attracting local, regional and global visitors to an exciting range of displays and activities, some static, some virtual, some interactive, and some living. It will reflect on the history, engage with the present, and look to the future. Visitors will experience and participate in the impact we have had and are having on the Oceans environment and what we can do to preserve and protect the vast natural resource.

Please go to there site at for more information and to sign the support sheet.

A conceptual drawing of the proposed Nanaimo Ocean Discovery Centre

A conceptual drawing of the proposed Nanaimo Ocean Discovery Centre

Surrendering to Social Media

We have avoided it for years - probably because we feared it. But after much pressure from friends, clients and our industry network we are going down that rabbit hole. Remarkable considering has been up and running since the dawn of the World Wide Web  

Clearly its way to help get our message out, stay in touch with everyone and stay in tuned with changes in the business. As such we are slowly learning what a tweet is, how to share interests and promote the Ocean Sciences through picture sharing and basically swap virtual postcards with portals like Facebook. 

Be patient with us, it's still a learning process but help support our efforts to emerge from the dark ages by connecting, linking, liking, and joining our social media accounts. We promise to not abuse or post stuff we ourselves would likely avoid reading. 

We are already on board with Twitter (@DeepFathoms) and Pinterest, soon to follow will be Facebook and Instagram (baby steps). Look for the social media icons at the footer on all of the pages on this site and our sister site

Rules of the Road ColRegs Introduction Course

Introduction to the Collision Regulations

Next Course - March 26, 2017, 9-4PM, Nanaimo, Cost $85, Includes Materials and Taxes

This 6 hour course is a great introduction to the Collision Regulations or in layman's terms - the rules of the road for sea going vessels. Everyone, both recreational and commercial, be you a ship's masters or crew, are responsible for knowing these rules. But understanding them can be difficult. We will break down the ColRegs in a way you can understand and apply.

Collison Regulations


  • Collision Avoidance
  • Separation Schemes
  • Night Lights, Day Shapes and Signaling Devices
  • Protecting yourself from Negligence

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How much longer can open circuit survive?

When people see a Rebreather or hear the term closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus they think of the future or something relatively new in the dive industry. It has been proposed that the Rebreather concept has been around for thousands of years. In 885 BC an illustration was discovered in an Assyrian Bas-Relief- which showed a diver breathing from an air filled leather bag strapped to his chest suggesting that perhaps this individual was breathing in and out of the same source. Since that time a huge evolution in Rebreather technology has occurred and is continuing at an ever-increasing rate.
Today there are dozens of Rebreather models available on the market at a fraction of their original cost. The reliability and benefits of these units are quickly being discovered and there is no question that the Rebreather will soon become as accepted as a dive computer or BCD. But just exactly where did these gizmo's come from, how do they work and what is all the scuttle about people getting hurt? Is the Rebreather just a fad or what?

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