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what is oceanexp…




Become an underwater explorer as you journey through the world’s oceans, using new technologies to discover a world of opportunity. Canada’s Centre For Ocean Exploration tells the stories of our most inspiring explorers, technologists, and pioneers using unique interactive and immersive digital experiences. 


On the surface the building itself will be a simple, sophisticated and stunning design representing the purest of forms, and one present throughout the oceans – the sphere. At sea level it will exist as symbiotic and complimentary to the surrounding waterfront park and yet present as an impressive and iconic landmark recognizable around the world. Inside (and beneath) the facility we give life to a journey of interactive digital experiences1 that will transport the visitor underwater providing a thrilling journey where the participants not only feel immersed beneath the surface of the ocean, but have an opportunity to interact with it. All our experiences will be created using pioneering digital technology, incorporating augmented reality, virtual reality, multi-sensory theatre experiences, robotics and good old fashion physical displays that you can touch, feel and use.


OceanEXP will be unlike any other water experience on the planet. Why? Well, we’ll have no water! We won’t have any tanks, no mammals or marine life in captivity, no touch tanks, and no fish. Utilizing this technology will enable us to evolve and adapt to a changing world, educational and ecological values, and generational interests. Our experiences will be where discovery and technology collide, in amazing fashion.


In addition to providing a spectacular experience with thrilling rides and interactive educational exhibits, OceanEXP will also be Canada’s Centre for Ocean Exploration and home to an impressive compendium of subsea technology backdropped by dynamic multimedia displays. It will celebrate Canada’s legacy and contribution to ocean exploration and tell the stories how our pioneers developed some of the world’s greatest subsea technology.

Visit the OceanEXP website for more information.