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  • IANTD Instructor Trainer Trainer
    • PADI IDC Staff Instructor (Ret)
    • NASDS & SSI Technical IT (Ret)
    • TDI/SDI Technical Instructor (Ret)
  • CSA Unrestricted Scuba - Surface Supply
  • Limited Master 60 GT - Transport Canada
  • CCG, Dive Rescue and SAR
  • CPS Safe Boating Instructor
  • NASBLA Boating Accident Investigations
  • Author, Marine and Diving Sciences

Safe Boating Instructor

When it comes to instructing safe boating programs I apply the same commitment and philosophies that I do to teaching diving. There is a massive gap between what it takes to obtain the basic boat license (PCOC) and actually being competent and confident out in the water. To date Transport Canada has not provided the opportunity for recreational boaters to fully understand what their responsibilities are when operating pleasure crafts. Having seen first hand the deadly consequences of this shortfall, and I am passionate about contributing to safe boating programs and training programs.

DIVING Instructor Trainer

To begin, choosing a dive Instructor is not just about qualifications, its about the Instructor's approach or philosophy to the subject matter he or she is teaching. The dive Instructor is the ambassador of the industry. No one else is in a better position to represent the value and necessity of solid training, equipment and practice.

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I have over the years focused my enthusiasm for diving on the development of superior diver training. Although I now exclusively train through IANTD, I have had the fortune to teach PADI, TDI/SDI, DAN, SSI and NASDS programs. I have also been fortunate to be involved in the development of many IANTD training manuals, materials and was part of the SSI XTR Development Team.


This experience along with my tenures as IANTD National Director and Board of Advisors, the Canadian Coast Guard SAR and Dive Rescue program and a member of the RCMP Underwater Recovery Team, has provided me with a unique perspective on diver development at all levels of training.

My approach to Diver and Instructor training is to provide the best possible environment necessary to develop one into a competent, qualified and skilled diver or instructor.

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