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Mixed Gas Diving

How much longer can open circuit survive?

When people see a Rebreather or hear the term closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus they think of the future or something relatively new in the dive industry. It has been proposed that the Rebreather concept has been around for thousands of years. In 885 BC an illustration was discovered in an Assyrian Bas-Relief- which showed a diver breathing from an air filled leather bag strapped to his chest suggesting that perhaps this individual was breathing in and out of the same source. Since that time a huge evolution in Rebreather technology has occurred and is continuing at an ever-increasing rate.
Today there are dozens of Rebreather models available on the market at a fraction of their original cost. The reliability and benefits of these units are quickly being discovered and there is no question that the Rebreather will soon become as accepted as a dive computer or BCD. But just exactly where did these gizmo's come from, how do they work and what is all the scuttle about people getting hurt? Is the Rebreather just a fad or what?

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