We have avoided it for years - probably because we feared it. But after much pressure from friends, clients and our industry network we are going down that rabbit hole. Remarkable considering DeepFathoms.com has been up and running since the dawn of the World Wide Web  

Clearly its way to help get our message out, stay in touch with everyone and stay in tuned with changes in the business. As such we are slowly learning what a tweet is, how to share interests and promote the Ocean Sciences through picture sharing and basically swap virtual postcards with portals like Facebook. 

Be patient with us, it's still a learning process but help support our efforts to emerge from the dark ages by connecting, linking, liking, and joining our social media accounts. We promise to not abuse or post stuff we ourselves would likely avoid reading. 

We are already on board with Twitter (@DeepFathoms) and Pinterest, soon to follow will be Facebook and Instagram (baby steps). Look for the social media icons at the footer on all of the pages on this site and our sister site www.KrakenAdventures.ca