Professional Development

As one of Canada's original technical Diver and Instructor training centers, we pioneered extended range diving, mixed gas, rebreathers and technical dive instructor development in Canada. Since 1985 we have been supporting the technical diving community in Canada and throughout the Pacific North West. Multiple generations of professionals have graduated from our Instructor Training program, many of whom have gone on to continue with pioneering efforts making underwater exploration the dynamic venture it is today

Instructor Training with Bill Nadeau


The Dive Instructor is the ambassador of the diving industry.

Recreational Instructor

Throughout the world Instructors are being recognized as highly skilled diving mentors with cutting edges abilities. Our Instructor Training program is based on a dynamic format, designed to initially develop and enhance your diving skills, teaching and supervisory skills in a controlled and structured manner; and then take you beyond what other Instructor development programs offer.

If you are an experienced diver, looking for more challenges in your diving endeavours, perhaps even a career diving, then contact us. We have conducted hundreds of Instructor development programs; and every candidate has gone on to enjoy rewarding successful careers.


IANTD - the elite in extended range and technical diving professionals.

Technical Instructor

For many, teaching recreational programs is not enough. Advance your skills and qualifications, make yourself more marketable in the diving industry and begin your Techncial Instructor Training today. For new Technical Instructors, you'll start at the 'tech lite' level teaching the Recreational Trimix and Advanced Recreational Trimix programs.

If you are already an experienced technical instructor, contact us for options to crossover and join our team of pioneering professionals - the elite in extended range instructors.

Mixed trimix and nitrox gas blending

Gas Blending/service Technician instructor

In 1997 shortly after IANTD Canada first opened its doors, efforts to bring affordable and accessible nitrox and mixed gases to the masses was set in place.

In fact it was a core group of individuals working out of the IANTD Canada office that pioneered and revolutionized continuous flow gas blending and the development of the first helium analyzer. Having had the fortune to be part of that team, our Instructor, Bill Nadeau, has committed to continuing the advancement of that science including co-authoring the IANTD Gas Blending manual with the 'Godfather of Nitrox', Dick Rutkowski and Tom Mount. Bill has since gone on to conduct hundreds of gas blending technician programs. 

Could there not be a better place to learn the art and science of blending than from the place it all started or be trained as a Gas Blending Instructor from the people who started it?

Each IANTD Instructor level consists of an instructor evaluation (IE) course where you will work alongside a team of Instructor Trainers to develop the tools and know-how to successfully deliver IANTD training at that level.

 Instructor Crossover and Update Programs Available

For more information regarding course prices, dates and joining instructions, please contact us and provide us with the details of your personal learning objectives.

Why we teach IANTD

International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers

IANTD has been at the cutting edge of diver training for more than 30 years. From the first Nitrox course in the world to their Tek Lite programs which allow for reduced narcosis in the entry-level tech depth range, through to CCR Cave and Expedition Trimix, they have been setting the standard since the very beginning.

IANTD offers a complete range of training courses from Open Water Diver through to Expedition Trimix using both open and closed circuit equipment and a full range of cave diver training programs. IANTD Divers, Instructors and Instructor Trainers are recognized as some of the most skilled and competent divers and educators in the world.

In 1985, IANTD released the world's first enriched air diver certification - 10 years before other agencies followed suit. Since then, they have stayed at the very forefront of diver education, leading the way so that others may follow. Now with over 25 International Licensees around the world they provide a solid support system for their membership and certified divers.

Why not offer other Agency's Programs?

We have taught other agency's programs - they all have merits. Every agency abides by a minimum set of standards. In the 30 years we have been teaching diving we've discovered it is more about the Instructor's experience, skill set and integrity/commitment to providing a comprehensive program (click here for more information on this subject) then it is about the certifying agency.