Trained in accordance with WCB and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA 275.4) we provide avariety of small commercial diving services. Backed by over 30 years of experience in nautical operations and commercial diving and full security clearance.

Industry Experts

We combined our unique Ocean Science skill sets to provide a comprehensive professional service. We have provided professional consultation on the diving industry both for recreational and commercial diving and have been recognized as subject matter experts within that industry by the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Tribunal for Canadian Labour Code matters. For more then 25 years we have been involved in the development of better diving standards, training programs and materials, and involved in developing equipment.

In addition to providing informative and dynamic presentations on the lecture circuit, we have created imaginative and useful resources for other professionals on the lecture circuit in the marine and diving sciences. From custom made multi-media shows to educational tools



Underwater Imaging 

Underwater video services, hull and pipeline inspections and photography for commercial applications, cinematic support or unique specialized occasions.



Vessel Maintenance

Need a prop changed, some zincs pulled? From hull cleaning to hull video inspections.




Marine Salvage

Underwater Recovery - From anchors to large vessels. If you've lost it or sunk it - we'll find it and raise it


accident assessments

With over 25 years in providing recovery operations and preparing court proof investigative reports for a variety of police forces, DeepFathoms is qualified and recognized as subject matter experts for private and corporate matters involving civil litigation and criminal negligence.

Sensitive and Unique Operations

Consultation and support for government and private based clients in need of specialized search and recovery operations, field research, marine assessments and security operations.