With over 30 years in the diving industry and Canada's original Technical Diver and Instructor Training Center, we train individuals to be confident, competent and relaxed divers who get more out of their diving than ever imagined!


Private Classes catered for individuals seeking the the most rewarding experiences.

Recreational Diver Programs

From basic Open Water to Divemaster and all of the specialty programs in between. The significant difference in DeepFathoms diver training program is that they are private, comprehensive and conducted in unforgettable environments.

Other unique specialties include underwater photography, Research Diver, Side Mount Diver, Cavern Diver and Introduction to Wreck Diving.

If you are looking to simply develop your abilities and work on some specific skills, our Mentor Program might be for you.

If you are looking to eventually go beyond traditional recreational limits or curious if it is something you want to know more about, ask about our Extended Range Prep Program


Ensuring students are competent and confident divers.

Technical Mixed Diver Programs

Back in 1985 when Technical Diver Training first began, there were only 5 basic programs we could teach;  Deep Air, Technical Nitrox, Trimix, Deep Wreck and Cave. Today IANTD has expanded their learning curriculum to not only better meet each individuals needs, but do so in with a safer graduated approach.

IANTD deeper diver programs now offer a more practical approach to safely diving beyond traditional depths. They are designed to train divers to conduct dives to depths up to and beyond 300 fsw (90 msw) using custom blend breathing gas mixtures and safely conduct both deep and exploration dives requiring extended decompression profiles and helium-based gas mixture.

Cave and cavern diver courses in the most incredible Karst systems in the world.

Cave and cavern diver courses in the most incredible Karst systems in the world.

Cavern, Cave and Mine Diver Programs

These programs are designed to provide advanced training in cave and overhead diving skills developing responsible cave and mine divers. Subject matter also includes sidemount applications, staging,  use of Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV) and basic Karst development.

Overhead training begins with developing cavern diving skills within the limits of light penetra- tion ensuring divers are aware of self-responsibility and capable of risk management in overhead environments. For those finding the urge to explore further, an Introduction to Cave Diving program suitable follows and prepares individuals for 'Tek Lite Cave', Full Cave and Advanced Cave Diver Programs.


Technical wreck diver programs offered on Rebreather, open circuit and side mount.

Wreck Diver Programs

The waters around Vancouver Island are populated with shipwrecks, deep and shallow, natural historic vessels and deep artificial reefs populated with sea life. There is no better place to train for wreck diving; Overhead, Wreck and Advanced Wreck and Technical Wreck programs are essential for those looking to realy fully explore these underwater natural wonders.  Wreck programs are designed to train divers in extended wreck penetration diving and the technical utilization of EANx for wreck exploration and the use of EANx and oxygen for decompression.


Nitrox and Trimix Gas Blending Service Technician

Welcome to the world's most respected and recognized Gas Blending and Equipment Servicing Program. IANTD created the first real program for nitrox and mixed gas blending. Born from a vision seen by the industry's original mixed gas pioneers, this course has set the standard from which the entire diving community now adheres.

This program is taught by Bill Nadeau, author of the most widely used Gas Blending manual in the business. Bill has assisted dive shops and filling stations around the world get online with safe effective and profitable gas blending programs and has taught the program to more individuals than any other Instructor.

Contact us about Gas Blendng Systems and Customized Staff Training Programs.

All of our programs are private with personalized training designed to suit our candidates individuals goals. For more information regarding course prices, dates and joining instructions, please contact us and provide us with the details of your personal learning objectives.

Why we teach IANTD

International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers

IANTD has been at the cutting edge of diver training for more than 30 years. From the first Nitrox course in the world to their Tek Lite programs which allow for reduced narcosis in the entry-level tech depth range, through to CCR Cave and Expedition Trimix, they have been setting the standard since the very beginning.

IANTD offers a complete range of training courses from Open Water Diver through to Expedition Trimix using both open and closed circuit equipment and a full range of cave diver training programs. IANTD Divers, Instructors and Instructor Trainers are recognized as some of the most skilled and competent divers and educators in the world.

In 1985, IANTD released the world's first enriched air diver certification - 10 years before other agencies followed suit. Since then, they have stayed at the very forefront of diver education, leading the way so that others may follow. Now with over 25 International Licensees around the world they provide a solid support system for their membership and certified divers.

Why not offer other Agency's Programs?

We have taught other agency's programs - they all have merits. Every agency abides by a minimum set of standards. In the 30 years we have been teaching diving we've discovered it is more about the Instructor's experience, skill set and integrity/commitment to providing a comprehensive program (click here for more information on this subject) then it is about the certifying agency.