Bill Nadeau and David Sawatzky preparing equipment prior to an underwater cave survey expedition on the north end of Vancouver Island.

Bill Nadeau and David Sawatzky preparing equipment prior to an underwater cave survey expedition on the north end of Vancouver Island.

Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is based on a simple model, a philosophy that encompasses every fundamental component required to ensure divers are safe, competent and confident divers. We developed the Trichotomy of Diving, a dynamic new approach to diver training incorporating up-to-date technology with fundamental principals that have proven to be successful over time. We apply these concepts to every facet of diving from shallow water to deep trimix. This philosophy became the framework many of the larger technical training agencies have paralleled. The copyright blueprint of this model is found in 'Technically Speaking: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Underwater Exploration', a published guide now available online.

Private Instruction

Although we teach all levels of Diver and Instructor Programs, we specialize in preparing individuals for exploring the underwater environment with superior skills. To facilitate the best learning environment, all of our programs are private programs conducted in real world environments. Our programs are all based on class sizes of a maximum of two candidates, and in most cases - one on one instruction. Our approach to Diver and Instructor training has been to focus on the individual; assessing what areas of development best suit that person in order to achieve the best possible results.

Professional Development

As one of Canada's original Technical Diver and Instructor training centers, DeepFathoms pioneered extended range diving, mixed gas, rebreathers and technical dive instructor development in Canada. Since 1985 we have been supporting the technical diving community in Canada and throughout the Pacific North West. Multiple generations of professionals have graduated from my Instructor and IT Training programs, many of whom have gone on to continue with pioneering efforts making underwater exploration the dynamic venture it is today

Resource Materials

There is a difference between what Instructors are responsible for teaching and what students are responsible for learning. It is an on-going dynamic process whereby the diver is required to constantly assess his or her own ability, the environment they are about to enter and then ultimately determine based on the information they have at that very instant, how or if they will proceed. With all of the educational resources available to divers the final qualifying process lies within you - the diver. I believe we are all students and the learning process is perpetual - to that end I have committed to ensuring that every resource I have found useful or essential in making those life-staking decisions be available to my students. Consider your resource center for a wide range of professional materials, useful tools essential for industry members. Visit our online resource center for a large selection of Diver and Instructor tools.